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5. Maria Almanza Belgium

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Weaving is a technique that offers me a set of goals and results completely different to those presented by other forms of artistic expression.

      My designs come to life through the mixing of all kinds of threads and materials. Weaving is also a technique that gives me the opportunity to create work in three dimensions starting from something woven in two dimensions. In my private work, I weave and interpret my own projects employing my own personal techniques, but I also weave and interpret the designs and drawings of various other artists using the technique of classical tapestry. Interpretation of my own work and that of other artists enlarges my knowledge of textile and allows me to investigate techniques and materials more deeply.

      For the Web of Europe project, I wanted to start with classical tapestry and add my own interpretation. To accomplish this, I decided to use the ‘Coptic’ technique, which mixes tapestry and plain-weave techniques. For one half of the tapestry, I used special textile watercolours to paint the background. In this project, I assumed that interpretation should take precedence over exact copying of the original tapestry.

      This project was highly interesting because it enabled me not only to experiment with different materials and weaving techniques, but also to participate in a European textile project where tapestry serves as the centre of inspiration for a number of European artists.

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