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Maria Kirkova Tzanova
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10. Maria Kirkova Tzanova Bulgaria

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The textile medium carries with it significance of various kinds and evokes different emotions. It’s an element that accompanies us from birth till our last breath and beyond. Metaphorically speaking, a thread can be the connection between the transient and the eternal, the tangible and the imaginary, logic and intuition, brief moments and infinity… I believe that textile art embodies this idea of both literal and spiritual interconnection and bonds. That is why I am passionate about working with this medium.

      The whole process of creating a textile artwork – brainstorming, idea development, planning, and execution – is very interesting and essential for me. The stages from concept to completion are far apart and this makes me more attached to the artwork produced and gives me the opportunity to give it a deeper meaning. This prolonged process of creation inspires me. It is interesting that the connection between thought, heart, and hands is expressed by the thread.

      I created a new artwork based on the classical Brussels tapestry Mercury Hands over the Infant Bacchus to the Nymphs by keeping to the classical weaving technique and presenting a personal artistic view of the content. It was interesting to see the contact between the different eras that are now once again linked by thread. The new piece interprets the classical elements with a contemporary voice and through that threaded dialogue an artwork with a new aesthetic form has been born, corresponding to the modern world.