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Emese Csókás
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21. Emese Csókás Hungary

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I wove my paraphrase on the basis of the bordure of a Brussels tapestry entitled Mercury Hands over the Infant Bacchus to the Nymphs, i.e. on the basis of a part of the richly patterned border framing the tapestry, since I not only design my tapestries, but weave them, too. Accordingly, my works are characterised by spontaneity and emotion. These I can best express in the strict but at the same time intimate and personal language of woven tapestry.

      I laid stress on a vegetation detail from the bordure, a compositional element that has been given emphasis in the course of tapestry history, since the Renaissance especially. A reinterpreted, rewritten version of this connects with the present by means of a non-terminating composition: leaves and trailers woven from threads of different quality and luminosity that almost stand out from the two-dimensionality of the piece. As an artist long committed to the genre, I support the preservation and rethinking of the values of woven tapestry, namely the continuity symbolised by the bordure. Also by means of my paraphrase based on it, I attempt to prove the eternal validity and topicality of the tapestry genre.