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Adél Czeglédi
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11. Adél Czeglédi Hungary

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Why did I choose tapestry arts and not something else? Why was it decided very early on in my life that I would follow this path, when at the time of my admission to Szeged’s secondary school for art, I myself still didn’t know it. By today it has become a part of me; it belongs to my identity.

      For me, tapestry is not just an artistic genre, but also a special path for knowledge, absorption, and understanding, in which on account of the technique and in accordance with the creative intention every square centimetre comes into being having been thought through consciously many times over. In the course of the creative process – which begins with the design, which is followed by preparation of the studio drawing, i.e. the cartoon, and finally the weaving – nothing can be left to chance. One of the most essential characteristics of tapestry is its irreversibility, since in tapestry just as in life it is not possible to put right at the time of completion what we spoiled at the beginning.

      The work invested, the concentration, the absorption, and the indispensable humility (without these, weaving is impossible) ennoble tapestry whether one wishes this or not, as well as lending it power and dignity.

      During the redesigning and weaving of the tapestry section that I selected, I expressed my respect for tradition. In the interests of this, I remained faithful in the worlds of colour and form to the original tapestry, but smuggled myself in also. In the present case, this really should be understood literally. The tree trunk visible on the picture is shaped like a woman’s torso; it symbolises me.