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Muriel Crochet
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12. Muriel Crochet France

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How to begin? By the School of Fine Arts in Angers? By love for Great Tapestry (in the same sense as Great Painting): the Apocalypse, the Song of the World (le Chant du Monde)? By interest in Europe’s New Tapestry movement of the 1970’s?

      Many artists have questioned tapestry, its evolution, its inability to progress and in response ceased to weave. For me, it is out of the question to refuse tapestry as an art. Weaving speaks to me, seizes and vivifies me. I rethink my desire to weave in another way and I decide to follow a personal path.

      The work of a weaver is to ask oneself the questions of a weaver, as a weaver. Thus, the only way to respond to the threat that tapestry might disappear is to confirm that it really will disappear, to deal with that idea and to return with a new form, repeating the movements again and again. “Think with your hands” said François Rouan.

      The “Web of Europe” project offers a great adventure: to weave with 27 artists of the European Union, to weave around the history of tapestry, to weave a fragment, an element of the whole. (…)

      From it I take a design, a leaf from the border, and I frame my fragment. This design disappears and invites silence. A white, transparent silence within which colored, truncated blue/white/red lozenges find their place...to tell which story? Absent perspective, the patterns are on the same plane. The tapestry of yesterday and the one of today fuse. (...)