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Sarah Perret
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22. Sarah Perret France

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I chose tapestry because I think with materials and colours rather than drawing. The art of weaving has its own grammar, which is the art of arrangement, of composition with sounds, with the natural beats from each material, each pattern. The counting of time is very important, too; it’s domesticated violence through slow daily progress. It soothes me.

      I need to have first the idea and some years later to have realised it, in wool. It’s a slow construction which grows richer every day; it’s an individual creation and I have to weave it by myself.

      I go on with my work on the body, but in a less literal, more abstract manner according to different themes I associate with the representation of the human figure or what I feel in relation to it. Desire and death: the two poles between which matter oscillates.

      As usually I only work on my obsessions with bodies, it was a challenge to me to try something new, returning to a classical tapestry, in my way.

      It’s a kind of reading, looking at the little piece which I translated in my way; I like detailed deconstruction: it remains the ghost of the picture.